Enabling success 

Optima provides advanced ERP systems, comprehensive real estate information systems, a digital logbook, modern property maintenance service, intelligent access control services, and a wide range of ICT services. 

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Comprehensive systems for your property 

House Optima® is a straightforward system for housing companies, property maintenance, and property managers. Real estate information is channeled into one particular location giving an up-to-date and holistic view of the current situation. The system allows for smooth efficient control of property information management, and property maintenance, as well as open co-operation between relevant parties. Read more

Property maintenance services 

Optima Maintenance offers a wide range of after-sales and additional maintenance services. Optima provides a professional, fast and preventive maintenance service to housing companies and commercial properties. Optima is renowned for its genuinely friendly service. Read more

Individualised ICT services

We provide ICT services for demanding customer requirements, with individualised design and mapping. At your disposal also are intelligent service solutions for real estate expense management, camera surveillance, as well as communication and customer service features. Our self-service lockers and info screens enhance customer service opportunities. Wi-Fi networking and IT support services are realised as individual solutions for customers. Read more

Optima Pro™ – high-quality ERP

Optima Pro™ is an easy-to-use ERP system, which is flexibly customisable to enable versatile use by company customers. Optima Pro™ can help for example, in calculating an effective bid, in project management, in work- time tracking, and in customer relations. Read more

This is Optima

Optima Group Oy is a Finnish-owned real estate management and maintenance software service, ICT service and ERP provider. 
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Jobs at Optima

We are growing strongly, and are constantly searching for competent people to work in a wide range of positions in sales, software development and real estate maintenance. Read more